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Parking lot lines are an essential piece of a well-designed parking lot. They help keep your customers and employees safe while also organizing the parking area. Maintaining the design of the parking lot and the clarity of the lines will further support the safety and functionality of the space. 

Without parking lot lines, your parking lot will easily become disorganized and give off a negative impression of your business. 

If you start to notice a number of issues within the parking lot, it may be time to have the lines repainted. To help you better understand, we have put together this list of signs to know when it is time to paint your parking lot lines.

Sloppy Parking Is Common In Your Lot

A very clear sign your parking lot lines need to be painted is when vehicles start parking sloppily. If drivers cannot see the lines, how are they supposed to know where to park? So, of course, sloppy parking means you should call your line striping company soon. 

When properly painted, line stripes provide visual cues to drivers to guide them into a parking space. Spaces typically allow for ample space to get in and out of your vehicle while not scratching surrounding cars. Without proper striping, everyone can park haphazardly and disregard spacing. Avoid slopping parking in your lot by having your lines painted soon!

Increased Fender Benders

Similar to directing traffic where to park, lines also tell vehicle traffic where they can and cannot drive as well as where to stop. When these lines are faded, drivers can easily miss other cues of where they should be stopping or not driving. In turn, this can lead to an increase in fender benders throughout your parking lot. 

If you notice more and more cars bumping into each other, you may want to consider having your parking lot striped sooner than later. While you are discussing your options with your contractor, you may also consider redesigning the layout of your parking lot. Doing so could further prevent driver confusion.

You Can’t See The Lines When It Rains

Have you ever noticed that parking lot lines are typically pretty bright and thick? This is on purpose. When it rains or there is a bit of frost on the asphalt, the lines should still be very visible. 

If you notice that you can not see any of the lines when it rains, it is a sign they need to be painted. Failing to do so can lead to fender benders, pedestrian accidents, sloppy parking, and so much more! Be sure to discuss the paint choices with your contractor to be sure it withstands your climate.

It Has Been Several Years Since The Last Striping

An extremely clear sign that it is time to have your line striping completed is if it has been several years since they were last completed. Another very clear sign is if you do not remember the last time it was done. In reality, line striping should be done annually.

Many businesses choose to forego essential parking lot maintenance to cut back on costs, however, it is essential to keep your vehicle and pedestrian traffic safe and organized. A good rule of thumb is to have the lines painted every time you have the parking lot sealcoated. Not only will this give your parking lot a great, fresh look, it will also give customers a great first impression of your business.

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