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Not many things age well, especially if they are damaged. The cracks within your asphalt parking lot are included in those items that do not age well. If you have discovered some cracking, you will want to call your local asphalt professional sooner than later. To help you understand why, we are going to discuss what can happen if these pesky cracks are left unrepaired.

What Causes Cracking? 

To better understand why crack repair is essential, it is best to understand what causes the cracks in the first place. Cracks are inevitable in a parking lot and can present themselves in several different sizes, lengths, and structure. Each type of crack has its own characteristics which helps identify the cause. Below are the top causes of cracks in an asphalt parking lot:

    • Temperature Fluctuation: The shrinkage of pavement due to low temperatures and aging of the asphalt binder cause cracks to form. 
    • Traffic Weight: Heavy vehicles running over the asphalt or parking for an extended period of time can cause cracking, especially if additional support was not initially installed. 
    • Traffic Frequency: Similarly, parking lots who see a lot of traffic can cause crack formation. 
    • Poor Material Choices: Choosing a cheaper material or not mixing the material properly can cause significant issues in your parking lot, including significant cracking. 

3 Major Things That Can Happen When Cracks Are Left Untouched 

1. Makes Asphalt Vulnerable: One of the worst things for asphalt is for moisture and other liquids to find their way below the surface. When the asphalt is cracked, it is extremely vulnerable to moisture intrusion. Having the cracks filled quickly will help prevent additional damage caused by water, oil, gas, and other chemicals. 

2. Gets Worse With Time: Just like a toothache, leaving cracks unrepaired will only get worse over time. As moisture finds its way below the surface, the cracking can get significantly worse and potholes can easily start to form. The longer these cracks are left untouched, the worse they are going to get, and the more it is going to cost you in the end. 

3. Premature Replacement: When left for a significant amount of time, the asphalt may need to be replaced before its expected lifespan because of the cracking. A brand new parking lot can cost a significant amount, especially if it is large. Caring for and maintaining your asphalt will help prevent premature replacement and crack filling is the best way to do this.

Call Your Asphalt Professional Today

What might appear to be a few small cracks here or there might turn into a much larger issue in the near future. The best repair for cracking is to have them filled with a crack filler, you can help prevent significant damage. Doing so will prevent rain and other moisture from flowing through the pavement and causing erosion or failure. 

Toste Construction is your Mooresville based asphalt professional! If you are in need of crack filling or any other maintenance, call our office today. We will professionally assess your pavement and provide you with a FREE estimate to complete any necessary work.

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