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An asphalt parking lot has an expected lifespan of 25-30 years. This is assuming that proper maintenance is completed on a regular schedule and repairs are made in a timely fashion. Failing to do so will result in significant damage and the possibility of full replacement sooner than later is greater. 

A neglected parking lot will start to show its age the longer it is left untouched. They can also give a poor impression to customers, clients, and employees about your business along with creating safety hazards. If you feel that your parking lot has been neglected lately, look for these signs that it is time to give it some attention.

Faded Color

A new parking lot will have a rich, dark color. However, over time as the sun beats down on the asphalt and it is exposed to UV rays, the surface will begin to oxidize. As the surface oxidizes, it will fade in color. You may put off any maintenance or repair because the fading is a cosmetic issue. However, the oxidization of the asphalt can actually make the surface week and open to damage. Sealcoating can help protect the surface as it oxidizes and prevent significant damage.


A common sign of asphalt parking lot neglect is cracking. Cracks form for numberous reasons including weather patterns, heavy or consistent traffic, improper care, and erosion. Water can also make its way below the surface of the asphalt and it will wreak havoc. This is especially true during cooler months when the water can freeze, expanding the asphalt, and have the concern of a pothole forming. 

When detected early in the formation of a crack, they can easily be filled or repaired by a professional asphalt contractor. However, when these small cracks are left untouched, they will grow. This will result in a much more significant, and pricier, repair with the possibility of full resurface. Discuss the needs of your parking lot with your local asphalt company to know for sure.


As we just said above, potholes can easily form when cracks are left untreated. An asphalt parking lot with several potholes, or several clusters of potholes, can be a sign that the lot has been neglected for quite some time. While potholes are quite common, especially if you are in an area with freezing temperatures, they still require prompt attention. Failure to do so not only creates a bad look, but also can damage vehicle traffic or leave you liable if a pedestrian falls while walk through one. 

If you notice a pothole forming within your asphalt, call your local contractor before it gets any worse. They will assess the damage and offer the best solution to repair the pothole for long-term success.

Drainage Issues

Another sign that a parking lot has been neglected from maintenance or repair is drainage issues. This can come forth as standing water or backed up drains. When water sits on the surface of an asphalt parking lot, it will find its way into the pavement through cracks and its pores. When water gets below the surface, additional damage can be done. A professional asphalt contractor will be able to pinpoint the exact reason for the pooling water and offer their best repair solution.

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