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An asphalt parking lot requires a lot of attention! Between keeping it clean, painting lines when they fade, making necessary repairs and replacing the asphalt when the time comes, your parking lot needs to be taken care of. Doing so will help extend its lifespan, keep your customers and employees safe, and ensure you have a great welcome mat for your business. Completing necessary repairs in a timely fashion is incredibly important. But how do you know what these repairs are? We’ve compiled the most common repairs we typically see a parking lot needing. 

Crack Filling

While cracks can easily form in a parking lot, filling them is incredibly important and makes it a common necessary repair. Cracks within an asphalt parking lot can cause further damage and seriously harm a parking lot when left untouched. If you notice there are cracks in your parking lot, contact your local asphalt repair or sealcoating company to complete the repair.

Crack filling is the process of applying hot or cold crack filler to seal cracks in asphalt pavement. As an integral component of an effective pavement preservation program, filling cracks will help extend the life of the pavement and help prevent further damage. By filling any cracks in the pavement, you are ensuring that moisture will not intrude into the pavement. Creating a water-proof barrier by completing a crack filling repair is essential for your asphalt.

Pothole Repair

Potholes are a nuisance to anyone who gets to run over them. They can cause damage to vehicles, harm pedestrians, and really be a detriment to a parking lot. Since they can easily form, especially when cracks are left untouched, pothole repairs are a very common repair performed. 

To avoid costly liabilities in a cost-effective manner, completing necessary repairs in a timely manner will only help your business. Potholes can either be repaired with hot or cold patch material. Properly maintaining a parking lot by completing pothole repairs can not only prevent damage to vehicles and pedestrians, but can also help extend the life of your parking lot. 

Full Depth Asphalt Repair

When enough damage is done to a parking lot, it likely requires a full-depth asphalt repair. This includes cutting and removing the heavily damaged asphalt and replacing it. Full-depth repair replaces everything, down to the base with fresh hot mix asphalt. To do this properly, the entire area around the patching area needs to be torn out in order to provide firm support for the new. 

While this might be a more expensive repair, it is a common repair for asphalt. This is because it provides long-term results and is often considered a permanent repair method. It also improves the structural integrity of the pavement and can be cost effective as you are not replacing the entire parking lot.


While not considered a “repair”, sealcoating has several benefits similar to these common repairs. Sealcoating is the process of applying a thin coat of sealer to asphalt that replenishes the binder lost through weathering and aging. This sealer provides a barrier to moisture intrusion, UV rays, and chemicals that can heavily damage the asphalt.

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