How To Prevent Asphalt Cracking

How To Prevent Asphalt Cracking

Your parking lot endures a lot of abuse that can cause it to crack. Everything from the sun to aging to traffic load weight can cause cracks to form in your parking lot. Not only will these cracks affect the appearance, they can cause the asphalt to deteriorate over time. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take to help limit the amount and severity of cracks from forming. We are going to discuss them today. 

Clean It

Many business owners or property managers do not consider cleaning their parking lot as a high priority item. They often leave debris, dirt, and leaves on top of the asphalt. Although these items seem harmless, it can cause the materials to weaken. Using a broom to remove them or spraying the surface down with a hose should clear away this debris. 

Stains from oil or other vehicle fluids can pose further issues for your asphalt. When left alone and not properly cleaned, they can wear away the surface materials and cause more cracking. Specialized cleaner is available for these stains and can be scrubbed with a brush. If you want to help prevent cracking, be sure to try cleaning the surface before severe cracking occurs. 

Assess The Traffic

Heavy vehicles and truck loads are a leading cause of cracking on an asphalt surface. If you want to help prevent cracking in your parking lot, you might want to assess the traffic flow. Many business owners and property managers will direct larger vehicles to areas that have been reinforced. Also, limiting traffic over a specific tonnage can help limit the number of cracks that form. 

Additionally, if your parking lot is often used for extended parking for large vehicles with heavy loads, cracks might form. The longer these trucks are parked, the more pressure they are putting on the asphalt. This increased stress can cause cracking. If you prevent specific traffic from parking on your pavement, you can help prevent cracks from forming. 

Sealcoat it

The best way to prevent cracks from forming is by routinely sealcoat the pavement. By adding the sealant to the surface, you are preventing moisture from intruding. It also adds a layer of protection from UV rays that can also cause crack formation. Water and sunshine are the two main sources of crack formation and if you can prevent them, you can reduce the amount of damage to your asphalt. 

A professional sealcoating company will fill the cracks before they sealcoat your parking lot. Doing so prevents additional damage to the asphalt by leaving the cracks exposed to water and UV rays. 

While there are several types of cracks that can form on an asphalt parking lot, prevention is going to remain the same. If you want to be proactive in maintaining your parking lot, be sure to keep it clean, assess the traffic, and ensure routine sealcoating.

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