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When it comes to your business’s parking lot, putting your best foot forward is always best. Not only does a clean, well-marked lot provide safety for its users, but it also gives off a great first impression of your business. We always say, your parking lot is the welcome mat for your business. 

A key piece of maintenance includes sealcoating the asphalt every 2-3 years. Along with that comes line striping. Line striping includes painting lines and symbols on the pavement to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 

Did you know there are specific lines that are essential for your parking lot? As one of the area’s leading line striping and asphalt maintenance companies around, Toste Construction is here to discuss these essential lines today.

Parking Spaces

Of course, a parking lot needs defined spaces that dictate where vehicles can parking. Many business owners take for granted that parking spaces are included in a line striping, but many do not often consider the number of spaces available. When it comes time for you to repaint the lines on your asphalt, discuss your options with your contractor. You may be able to redesign the parking lot to include additional spaces or remove some for alternative uses. 

Cross Walks

Similar to parking spaces, crosswalks are an essential piece when it comes to restriping a parking lot. They offer a safe space for pedestrian traffic to navigate through the parking lot to a building or public access points. Many times, crosswalks are accompanied by signs and flashing lights to further draw attention to vehicle traffic. 

No Parking Areas

No parking areas are typically defined by lines painted on the pavement or curb along with signage to help vehicle traffic understand the no parking area. Typically, yellow or white painted lines indicate that the area is for loading or unloading only. Red painted lines indicate absolutely no parking is allowed and blue lines provide guidance for handicap parking only. 

If your business has delivery docks or trash dumpsters that need to be accessible to specific traffic, you may opt for a no-parking area when striping your parking lot. Be sure to discuss what is applicable with your local contractor and ensure you are following local guidelines. 

Fire Lanes

A common no-parking area that is required for every business and commercial parking lot includes fire lanes. This marked pavement is reserved specifically for fire and rescue vehicle parking only. It is commonly marked with signage, painted curbs, specifically painted areas, and “Fire Lane” painted on the pavement. If you are unsure that your parking lot is complying with local standards, be sure to discuss it with your line striping contractor and local fire marshall.

ADA Compliant Parking Spaces

When striping a parking lot, ADA-compliant spaces are required by law for persons with disabilities. These parking spaces are typically painted with blue paint and are accompanied by specific signage. They are required to have the shortest, most direct route to a building’s interior and must have aisles for those in a wheelchair. ADA-compliant parking spaces require very specific guidelines and should be researched prior to your parking lot striping. 

Directional Symbols

To keep a parking lot organized and safe, directional symbols are essential when line striping. These include arrows to direct vehicle traffic in which direction to travel down aisles or even to exits, pay booths, or additional parking options. Directional symbols can also include signs to help pedestrian traffic know which way to a crosswalk, taxi station, or bus stop. 

Electric Vehicle Parking Spaces

As electric vehicles become more popular, many commercial parking lot owners are choosing to install charging stations. These spaces require specific signage and are typically painted in green to indicate these spaces are reserved for electric vehicles. While they are not required, if you are looking to attract more green consumers, offering these spaces will certainly help.

Greater Charlotte Line Striping Pros

If your parking lot is in need of sealcoating and line striping, contact Toste Construction today! Our team offers nearly two decades of experience with line striping and is available to assess your space today. Call our office to schedule a FREE estimate and trust that your parking lot will look its best once we are done with it! 

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