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Asphalt is used for parking lot material because it is one of the most durable products available. It can withstand all of the elements that Mother Nature throws at it, heavy traffic loads, and even when vehicles leak chemicals. Though asphalt is incredibly strong, it still has its limitations. 

Asphalt can be damaged just like anything else. 

There are several things that can cause damage to a parking lot, but there are typically five types of damage that is done. We are going to cover each of these types of damage, what typically causes it, and what you can do about it.

1. Cracking

The most common damage done to an asphalt parking lot is cracking. Cracking can be caused by harsh weather, climate conditions, drainage  issues, traffic loads, or poor quality materials used on installation. Over time, your pavement takes a beating and any one of these factors can cause it to start cracking. When left untouched, cracks can become a very serious issue in your parking lot and potentially expand into potholes. 

An asphalt professional can take one look at your asphalt and know what the type of cracks are in your parking lot. Once they have determined that, they will be able to determine the best type  of repair for it. This may include simply filling the cracks, patching, or completely replacing a section of the asphalt.

2. Potholes

When cracks are left unrepaired or unfilled, they can likely cause potholes. Water easily finds its way below the surface through cracks. This water will slowly erode the asphalt away, even though you cannot see it. When traffic runs over the top of this area, the pavement can buckle and a pothole forms. Potholes can cause quite the nuisance to foot and vehicle traffic, along with liability to the business. 

Potholes can be repaired with a hot or cold patch material. If your parking lot has sustained substantial damage, the entire section may need to be replaced. Discuss your options with your local asphalt repair company as they will know your climate and be able to repair it best.

3. Depressions

Depressions are not quite potholes, but more or less an indent in the pavement and still pose a threat. Easily identifiable, depressions will fill with water after any rainfall. While they might not appear to be a big deal, they can when left unrepaired. 

A surface patch can fill in a depression and create a smooth surface for vehicle traffic again. If it is a deep depression, an asphalt contractor may completely remove and replace the asphalt around the depression. Call your local contractor to be sure and ask what is best for your parking lot.

4. Rutting

Similar to depressions, rutting is left in areas of heavy vehicle traffic. When this traffic continuously runs over the asphalt, these are the wheel paths left. Rutting can leave your parking lot vulnerable and create quite the annoyance. Again, similar to depression repair, rutting can be filled and sealed to repair. If the ruts are deep or extensive, removing and replacing might be the best option for a long term repair. 

5. Raveling

Asphalt raveling is when the surface of the asphalt disintegrates from the top and continues downward. This is typically the result of the aggregate particles being dislodged. Think of things like a snow plow pushing its blade over the asphalt or studded tires on a vehicle. These can all cause raveling along with improper initial asphalt installation. 

As a result of raveling, the surface may become very rough and have a lot of loose debris, water can collect and cause hydroplaning, and skid resistance. Call your local asphalt company if you think your parking lot has started raveling. They will likely want to remove and replace the entire section.

Mooresville Asphalt Repair

If your parking lot is showing signs of damage, you will want to have it examined as soon as possible. Doing so could save you significantly! Toste Construction is available for your asphalt needs in the greater Mooresville area. Our team will assess your pavement and provide you with a FREE quote to have it repaired quickly.

Is Your Parking Lot Showing Signs Of Damage?