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While we are still in the midst of winter, it is a perfect time to start thinking about your springtime “to do” list. Considering what you need to get done in the following months will allow ample time for scheduling and ensure funds are available for any projects you are planning. If you have not had your asphalt sealcoated in the last few years, you may want to add it to your list for this year. 

Spring is the best time of the year for asphalt sealcoating. 

Why? Toste Construction is here today to discuss four top reasons to sealcoat your asphalt this spring. With over a decade of asphalt experience, we are your trusted source for all of your sealcoating needs.

1. Clean Up From Winter

Winter can wreak havoc on an asphalt parking lot or driveway! Between snow plows and shovels scraping the surface or rock salt being laid to melt the ice and snow away, winter is no friend of asphalt. One of the best ways to give the asphalt a good clean up after a cold, hard winter is to have it sealcoated in the spring. 

By having a professional examine the asphalt after winter, they will be able to offer their best guidance for any new cracks or potholes that have formed. Also, adding a fresh layer of sealant will help protect the asphalt for a few years from any damages from rock salt. As a property or homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of those who use your  parking lot or driveway. Sealcoating after winter will help clear the area of any mishaps from winter.

2. Temperatures For Curing

Spring weather creates the best environment for sealant to be applied and cured properly. The winter’s temperatures are far too cold to allow the sealant to settle for long lasting results. There is always a possibility of precipitation on the ground, which also interferes on many levels of the sealcoating process. During the summer months, the possibility of rain and high temperatures can cause issues for the curing process and alter the results of a sealcoating job. 

There are ways to cope with the weather in summer and fall and applying sealcoating, spring is still the best time. With temperatures just right, no snow or leaves falling from the sky, and UV rays at lower levels, choose spring to sealcoat your parking lot or drive.  

3. Protect from Summertime Weather & Traffic

Sealcoating your asphalt in the spring will help protect it from the weather and traffic loads coming this summer. UV rays and moisture are two harmful items that are typically high during summertime. By having your asphalt sealcoated in the spring, you will ensure to protect it from damaging weather all summer long. 

Summer also typically brings additional traffic to businesses and homes. Whether you live in a tourist area, business increases this time of year, or simply have a lot of people over during the summer months, sealcoating can help protect your asphalt from heavier traffic loads. Waiting to sealcoat could increase the severity of any issues that arise from summertime asphalt problems.

4. Curb Appeal 

If you own a business or home, curb appeal is likely one thing you think about often. With your parking lot or driveway being the first things people see when they arrive to visit, you want to put  your best foot forward. By sealcoating in the spring, you are able to refresh your asphalt from the winter damage while offering a beautiful smooth surface. 

Curb appeal is especially important for business owners as it is likely the first impression to potential clients and customers. Having a smooth surface free of any potholes or large cracks is more appealing to a parking lot that has several.

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