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As the weather begins to change and flowers begin to bloom, another key sign that spring is on its way is the annoying presence of potholes. Over the winter months, moisture will find its way below the asphalt surface, freeze and then thaw to create a pocket. As traffic continuously drives over this pocket of air, eventually it will cave and create a pothole. Spring is a common time for potholes to reveal themselves. 

As a business owner or manager of a municipality, repairing these pesky potholes is essential! 

Why? There are several reasons to have potholes repaired quickly and we are going to review the most important ones today. Toste Construction has been providing asphalt repair and maintenance for nearly two decades. Our team is well trusted and available to help you with all of your asphalt needs, including pothole repair. 

4 Reasons to Repair Potholes

1. Decrease Liability: Potholes create a dangerous environment for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic alike. As vehicle traffic drives over, or around, potholes within an asphalt parking lot or roadway there is an increased probability of an accident waiting to happen. They also create a large tripping hazard for pedestrians who are unaware they are there. 

Keeping your customers, employees, tenants, and vendors safe while using your asphalt parking lot or driveway is essential. Failing to repair a pothole can create a massive liability and cost the owner a lot more than the cost to fill the pothole. Pothole repair is a cost-effective way to decrease or completely prevent a large liability.

2. Increase Curb Appeal: Another reason to repair the potholes in the spring is to increase the curb appeal of your business or municipality. Potholes create quite an eyesore and can deter consumers from visiting a business. As we always say, your parking lot is the welcome mat to your business and putting your best foot forward is essential. Pothole repair is the affordable option to help your business increase its curb appeal. 

3. Help Prevent Further Damage: A pothole alone might not seem like that big of a deal. However, when left untouched or unrepaired, a pothole can create a lot more damage to your asphalt. Like we said before, a pothole is caused by moisture finding its way below the asphalt surface. A pothole will let more water seep into the asphalt. 

Repairing a pothole will help prevent further damage to the asphalt. A repair can help prevent additional or larger potholes from forming and it can prevent cracking. Significant damage will require a much larger repair and possibly a full replacement. If you believe your potholes have created further damage, discussing your options with a professional will help you determine the best plan of repair. 

4. Reduce Future Cost: Along with preventing further damage, repairing a pothole now can help reduce future costs. Ignoring a few minor potholes now might not seem like a big deal and can save you a few dollars today. However, one pothole can lead to several more potholes, cracks, and other significant damage in the near future. To reduce future costs, repair your potholes today. 

Yes, there will be a cost of repairing a few potholes today. This small cost now can help prevent further damage and provide you with a reduced future cost of maintenance or repair.

Assess Your Asphalt Now

As springtime is quickly approaching, now is the time to assess your asphalt and determine if you will need pothole repair. Many asphalt contractors have schedules that quickly fill up with repeat repair and sealcoating clients in the spring. Getting on their books sooner than later will ensure your business or municipality is taken care of this spring.

Toste Construction is here for all of your asphalt needs, including pothole repair. Our team is experienced, reliable, and highly skilled to help you care for your asphalt. If you think your asphalt has been compromised over the winter, call our office today to schedule your FREE estimate!

Toste Construction specializes in sealcoating and crack filling to ensure you and your customers have a smooth surface to drive on. We are your Mooresville asphalt and pavement maintenance company. Our services include asphalt sealcoating, striping, patching, pothole repair and crack filling for both residential and commercial projects throughout western North Carolina.

Have You Noticed Potholes In Your Parking Lot?