What To Expect When Sealcoating A Parking Lot

What To Expect When Sealcoating A Parking Lot

Sealcoating is the process of adding a thin layer of sealant to a parking lot to restore the binder and protect it from the elements. Seems awfully simple, right? In reality, a lot more planning and preparation goes into sealcoating a parking lot. 

It is essential that the sealer be properly applied to ensure it successfully continues to protect the asphalt. Over time, weathering and aging will wear down the pavement, opening it to moisture intrusion as well as UV ray, chemical, and salt damage. 

The success of a sealcoating application starts with proper planning and preparation. While every professional sealcoating contractor does everything differently, we are going to walk you through our general process so you know what to expect when sealcoating a parking lot.

Clear The Lot

Prior to your parking lot being sealcoated, you will want to make sure the lot is completely clear of vehicles. Your contractor will be able to give you select dates where they will need access to the parking lot. You will want to make sure the lot is cleared the day before that and have a plan to move any vehicles that are left. Giving your staff, tennants, and customers ample time to plan around the sealcoating schedule will help ensure everything is cleared beforehand.

Preparation is the Key

A quality sealcoating contractor will start the sealcoating process by preparing the surface, granted no rain is in the forecast, the day before they plan to apply the sealant. This will include power washing stains and areas that are heavily soiled. They may also apply a cleaner to stains that are tough to get up, such as oil stains. Additionally, dirt and grass build up around the edge of the parking lot will need to be removed as well as cracks to be clear of any dirt and weeds. 

Crack filling is another aspect of sealcoating. Removing loose materials from the edge of cracks and ensuring they are clean will prepare for the crack filler. Once the cracks are cleaned, the crack filler can be applied. It will need to dry prior to sealcoating. 

If potholes are an issue, they will need to be prepared and filled before the sealcoat can be applied. Your contractor will need to repair the pothole before they start preparing your parking lot for sealcoat.

Applying the Sealant

The following day, after everything has been properly prepared, your contractor will be ready to apply the sealant. Given there is no rain in the forecast again, the team will start the day by making sure everything is still clean. They might use a leaf blower to clear any debris, leaves, or dirt that have accumulated overnight. 

A specialty blend of sealant, sand, and water will then be mixed. Depending on your pavement, its needs, weather, and other factors, your contractor might add more or less of any ingredient. Once the mixture is prepared, one or two coats of sealant will be added to the surface of the pavement.

Protect Your Investment

It is highly recommended you restrict all traffic, vehicle and pedestrian, to your parking lot for at least 48 hours. Doing so will ensure the sealcoat has time to properly cure and dry. You will also want to schedule a team to paint new line stripes once the sealcoating is complete. 

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