What Is The Best Weather To Sealcoat You Parking Lot?

What Is The Best Weather To Sealcoat You Parking Lot?

Sealcoating is an incredibly important asphalt maintenance project that should be completed at least every three years. Your parking lot requires attention to seal it, prevent cracking and pothole formation, and to protect it from the harmful UV rays and chemicals. To ensure the sealcoating is applied properly and seals the asphalt as it should, weather conditions must be ideal. 

Before you prepare to add sealant to your asphalt, you should understand how humidity, temperature, sunlight, rain, wind, and clouds can impact the drying. Once you understand the best weather to apply a sealcoat to your pavement, you can decide when it is best to have your parking lot professionally sealcoated that works for your  business.

Best Weather Conditions

While you may have the month and day selected that works for you and your business to sealcoat the parking lot, your sealcoating contractor may schedule you at a different time. When looking at the schedule, a professional contractor will first examine the weather. They will look at the temperatures, humidity, cloud coverage, and for any precipitation within 24 hours of the application.

  • Temperature: The best time to add the sealant is when temperatures are warm, but not excessively hot. Typically this temperature is right around 70 degrees with the sun shining to ensure the sealant properly dries and cures. 
  • Humidity: The less humidity, the better the time is to add the sealcoat. Having less moisture in the air when applying the sealant is essential for proper curing. 
  • Cloud Coverage: Just like the humidity, the less the cloud coverage, the better result you will get from the sealcoat application. Clouds can extend the drying and curing of the sealant and extend the time vehicle traffic should stay off of the pavement. 
  • Precipitation: Rain, next to temperature, will prevent a contractor from scheduling your sealcoating. Any contractor that offers to seal the parking lot in the rain should not be trusted. Any sign of precipitation within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment will postpone the application. Water will prevent proper drying and curing of the sealcoat and the result will not be good for your pavement.

With appropriate weather conditions, your salcoating can be complete and properly cured. Be sure to discuss what is best for your specific region as far as weather with your local contractor. They will understand your needs along with specific weather conditions that are needed to give you the best results. 

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