Are you on the board of a Homeowners Association? If so, you fully understand that you are responsible for the upkeep of the asphalt parking lot. This includes filling cracks, fixing potholes, scheduling sealcoat, and replacement when necessary. While many boards will attempt to save money when possible, your parking lot is not one of the places to cut corners. 

Failing to properly care for the asphalt in your HOA’s parking lot can be harmful to vehicle and pedestrian traffic alike. To help keep everyone safe, including the asphalt, know when to call your local asphalt contractor. We’re going to help you out by offering our expert tips for when it is time to repair the asphalt.

When A Parking Lot Becomes Damaging

Potholes and large cracks can become damaging to pedestrians and vehicles alike. People walking through the parking lot or around your association can twist their ankles, break bones, concussion, or potentially further harm. Furthermore, cars can be heavily damaged from driving over potholes. 

To help prevent an insurance claim or lawsuit, repairs should be made as quickly as possible. Not only will you protect those traveling through the parking lot, but also the association. If you notice significant cracking and potholes in the asphalt, call your asphalt contractor today.

Routine Inspection

Managing any property as an HOA is not easy! Property maintenance requires routine inspection of the entire area, including structures, walkways, landscaping, and so much more. Many associations require board members to perform frequent inspections. While walking throughout the property, take note of minor (and major) cracks, dips or sunken areas, and places where the pavement is broken or uneven. 

While one or two small cracks may not appear to be a big deal, they could just be the beginning of a much larger problem. When moisture finds its way below the surface via these little cracks, the cracks get larger and possible potholes form. Keep this in mind while doing the walk around and contact a contractor for a professional opinion.

Sealcoating For Longevity

One of the best things you can do to maintain your HOA’s parking lot is to have it sealcoated. It is recommended that the pavement be sealed every two to three years. Doing so will replenish the binders lost over time and help prevent moisture from getting below the surface. It will also help protect from UV or chemical damage. 

Sealcoating is an essential piece of a proper maintenance plan. If your HOA is looking for a cost effective way to beautify the asphalt, make it stronger, and like new, sealcoating could be the best solution. A regularly scheduled sealcoating program will more than double the life of the asphalt. 

If it has been more than 3 years since your pavement has been sealed, call your local asphalt contractor to schedule an estimate today. They will be able to offer the best solution for all necessary repairs and sealcoating.

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