Finding a reliable sealcoating contractor can be difficult! There are several companies who might be able to complete repairs and maintenance to your asphalt pavement. However, a company who can do so properly and in an efficient manner can be hard to come by. So how do you know if a contractor is reliable and will complete your job as you need? We’re going to walk you through a few places to find a professional and how to tell if they are creditable. 

One of the first places to look for a contractor is Google. Performing a search for “local sealcoating company” should give you several professionals close to you or your business. With the vast list that Google provides you, there are specific items to look for to know who is the best. 

  • Reviews: Looking at reviews of the company is going to provide you with the best information in regards to previous customer experiences. Whether a customer had a great encounter or not, you can also learn a lot by how the company responds. Other review sites to look at include Yelp, Facebook, Home Advisor, etc. Additionally, look at how often the company receives reviews. If it has been a few years, you might question why it has been so long and the quality of their work. 
  • Website: Does the company have a website? Has it been recently updated? A company that takes pride in their website and provides details about their business can help gain trust. If you still have several questions after visiting the website, they might be trying to hide something and you should move on. 
  • Samples Of Work: One sure way to see the quality you should expect from a sealcoating company is to see samples of their work. Google, the company website, or social media are great places for the company to show off their work. If they do not have samples, you should ask for several and references before you hire a contractor. 

Another great place to look for a sealcoating contractor is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB provides unbiased ratings of local businesses to help consumers find reputable companies in their area. With a rating system from A+ through F letter grade, the grades represent whether the Bureau believes the company is operating in good faith. This is determined based on 17 factors along with verified and evaluated behavior of the business. 

  • So, check out the BBB website and see if any sealcoating companies are listed in your area. If they have a bad rating, it might be a good idea to look somewhere else. 

One last source for a trustworthy sealcoating contractor is to ask friends and family. While not everyone will own a commercial property or large parking lot, they might have insight into a quality company. If you own a business, likely neighboring businesses or associates will have a reference for you. These are going to be your best reference for as you already have trust in your friends and family. 

Once you narrow down the list of contractors offered by Google and the BBB, setting up a few appointments to receive an estimate from at least three is recommended. This will give you the opportunity to ask these companies as many questions about them, their work, and the cost of sealcoating your parking lot. You can also compare the estimates you receive and determine if any are too high or low to be considered trustworthy. 

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