7 Questions To Ask Your Asphalt Sealcoating Contractor

7 Questions To Ask Your Asphalt Sealcoating Contractor

An asphalt parking lot requires a big investment from your business or commercial property. Proper installation, maintenance, and repair can be quite costly, but are a necessary cost to ensure customer, tennant, and employee safety. 

When looking for a reputable sealcoating contractor in your area, you should be prepared to ask very specific questions. Because sealcoating is such a niche service and requires extremely technical knowledge, selecting the right contractor could make a world of difference in the final result. 

We’ve put together our top questions that we are frequently asked to help you find a quality sealcoating contractor in your area.

1. How Long Have You Been In Business?

Like we said before, sealcoating requires technical knowledge and precision to be done correctly. By asking how long a contractor has been in business will help you understand their experience. The more experience a contractor has on commercial parking lots, the better result you will likely see. 

2. Are You Licensed & Insured?

This is one of the more important questions to ask your asphalt sealcoating contractor. Making sure the company you hire is fully insured and licensed to work in your area is essential. If an accident were to happen, you could be held fully accountable and liable. You can always ask for their license number and look it up online as well as asking for a copy of their insurance to ensure it is up to date. 

3. Can You Provide Me With A List of References?

Previous customers are one of the best ways to gather insight into a sealcoating contractor. Whether you are going to contact the references or not, it is the response of the contractor that is more telling. If they happily hand over a list of references, and do not beat around the bush, likely they are reputable. You might also request permission from these references to examine their parking lot to see the quality of work the contractor provides. 

4. What Areas Do You Service?

Two reasons you should ask this question to the asphalt contractor. One, if they do not typically service your area, they may charge an additional fee for working outside of their service area or even for an estimate. Two, you will want to make sure they are not from outside the region because the climate affects the sealcoating result. This means the humidity and temperature can drastically affect the materials and time the seal coat can be applied. A contractor that frequently serves your area will know exactly the correct mixture and sealant needs. 

5. Can You Walk Me Through The Sealcoating Process? 

Many business owners or property managers do not often know the specifics of maintenance projects around their property. Whether you are interested in the information or not, the contractor should be able to answer with a thorough and confident answer. Again, looking at how your sealcoating contractor answers is just as important as the answer itself. 

6. How Long Will It Take To Sealcoat My Parking Lot?

Every sealcoating project is different and requires a unique timeline. Typically, a two day timeframe is standard for most projects. The first day is spent cleaning the parking lot and filling any cracks. Day two is when the sealant is applied. You will want to ensure all traffic stays off of the pavement to give the sealcoat time to cure and dry. Be sure to discuss this with your specific contractor as size of your lot and necessary repairs could affect the timeframe.

7. How Much Will My Project Cost?

Similar to the timeframe to complete the project, there are many factors that affect the cost of a project. Everything from the size of your parking lot to the extent of work needed will influence the final cost of your project. Your sealcoating contractor will gather a lot of information during your initial consultation and provide you with an estimate for the services they recommend.

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