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Has your parking lot started to show signs of wear and tear? Are the parking lines and markings fading or wearing off? One of the most common maintenance needs of a parking lot is repainting the lines. 

Line striping includes painting lines and symbols on your parking lot. Doing so will ensure the safety of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic, comply with ADA standards, and keep your parking lot looking clean. It is important to note that if your pavement has recently been redone or sealcoated, you will need to have the stripes repainted as well.

As a property or business owner, you are required to include specific areas in your parking lot. We have put together six line stripes and symbols that you should include the next time your parking lot gets painted.

1. Fire Lanes

A fire lane is marked on the pavement to reserve space for fire and rescue services. This lane will be near any building on the property and runs the length of it. Fire lanes should be clear of traffic and prohibit parking at all times. In case of emergency, this area should be clear and unobstructed for emergency vehicle access. 

Fire lanes are marked with yellow paint and read “Fire Lane – No Parking” . Many companies will place signs along with the painting to clearly define the designated area.

2. ADA Compliant Spaces

These are parking spaces reserved for persons with disabilities. ADA standards require these spaces to connect to the shortest accessible route to the building entrance. There are several standards and regulations that must be adhered to according to the ADA. For more information about this, please visit the ADA website.

Most ADA compliant spaces are marked in blue paint. Signs are also required and proper installation needs to be followed. Again, please reference the ADA website for exact requirements.

3. Crosswalks

Used to escort pedestrian traffic across streets, crosswalks are another essential part of parking lot painting. While they are not required, crosswalks help keep your customers safe as they make their way from their car and into the building. Crosswalks also help drivers be aware of areas with high foot traffic. Many are marked with white paint and signage. 

4. Parking Lines

Parking lines will specifically let vehicle traffic know where to park. These are essential to ensure they do not park all haphazardly and in uniform spaces. These spaces are typically painted in white paint and can be done at an angle or straight. 

5. No Parking Areas

If there are spaces on your property you do not want vehicles to park, you can ask your line striping company to paint no parking areas. They are typically designated by a square or rectangle with diagonal lines painted inside. Others might paint “No Parking” directly on the pavement. 

6. Arrows

These directional symbols will tell vehicle traffic the way they will follow to reach parking spaces. It is essential to include these arrows when you repaint a parking lot to ensure the safety of other vehicles along with pedestrian traffic. Arrows are typically painted in white or yellow to direct traffic to their destination. 

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