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When it comes to caring for your asphalt parking lot, having a solid maintenance program in place is essential! There are very specific things that need to be done in order to keep your asphalt healthy and parking lot safe. We’re going to review the top five things you should do to ensure your pavement maintenance is up to par.

1. Crack Filling

Cracks are the leading cause of erosion and pavement failure because they easily let moisture in. When left untouched, cracking can lead to  alligatoring (severe cracking) and potholes. All of which will require significant repair. Using hot rubberized or cold-applied crack filler, you can prevent moisture intrusion into the pavement by filling the cracks. Crack filler also provides a water-proof barrier for additional protection so moisture does not make its way to the base layer.

2. Pothole Repair

Potholes form when moisture finds its way below the surface, it freezes, thaws and then a vehicle drives over top. The weight of the vehicle will break the asphalt and cause the pothole. This can cause a significant annoyance to vehicle traffic and tripping hazard to pedestrians. Filling potholes as quickly as they appear can help you avoid potential liability. This can be done relatively easily, and for a small cost.

3. Pavement Patching

If your asphalt is severely damaged, it will require patching with either infrared patching techniques or full-depth asphalt repair. Infrared patching involves heating and remelting the area that is damaged, raking and compacting the asphalt. This creates a “like new” asphalt patch area. Full-depth asphalt repair is an alternative option and is exactly how it sounds. This includes cutting out and removing the damaged asphalt, repairing the damaged base, and then replacing it with fresh hot mix asphalt. If you are looking for a long term repair, full-depth is your  best choice.

4. Stain Cleaning

Before the pavement can be sealed, all stains must be cleaned and primed. By cleaning the surface and removing stains, you are ensuring oil stains will not bleed up through the sealer. This is an essential piece of pavement maintenance so your fresh sealcoating is not instantly ruined with old oil. 

5. Line Striping

Once your parking lot has been sealcoated, you must have the lines and traffic markings replaced. Doing so keeps the traffic organized and flows as it should. Always ensure your parking lot is ADA compliant as well as making sure fire lanes are properly marked. Failing to do so could result in a fine or costly liability.

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